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My s14b25 buildup -> 300hp?

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    Paint peeling on the right side frame rail is very common as the exhaust manifold is very close to it. This can lead to some pretty bad rust and the paint peels so make sure you pay extra attention to clean and prep that area.

    The e30 m3 world is pretty crazy, i am at the tail end of finishing my restore and you are starting it. Good to see these cars getting the proper attention they deserve.

    Good luck with the build and if you need any parts let me know.
    E30 M3 Rebuild Thread
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      I wish I could do a full restoration, this is just for the engine bay.

      Someday I would like to strip it down completely and do a full cage etc, but until I have my own garage it will only be a pipe dream.


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        Well we officially started work on the engine build, and I have a bit of progress to share.

        To fit the squirters, the oil passage from the block had to be enlarged to fit the 8mm head. The drill chuck was pretty tight in there but thankfully we had just enough reach. The squirters now fit well, but we need to install the rotating assembly before final clearance is done.

        After the machining was complete, we crushed the main bearings to measure clearance to the crank. All were within .0021-.0023 except the first which was .0016. A little tight so I took the crank to get .0005 out of it and will pick it up tomorrow.

        I also weighed and balanced the rest of the bottom end components, everything from the rod bearings to the piston rings. I'm not sure if I should be surprised, but as a testament to the quality of these parts everything was spot on. Reassuring to say the least

        Also to note, the engine block was right on in just about every measurement taken. Deck height, bore consistency, hone, etc, dead on. The engine builder/machinist who is use to working with American V8s said they aren't anywhere near as close. BMW is certainly making these to an excellent level.

        As it sits, the block is in the cleaner to remove any shavings etc and prep for final assembly. I will hopefully pick up the crank tomorrow and update with more progress soon!
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          Wow...great build


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            Originally posted by Brendan View Post
            Is the coating to help dissipate heat, or is it to insulate against the heat coming off of the headers? Do you know how the coating differs from the ceramic on the header (other than color :D)?

            Looks nice!
            On the thermal dispersant topic here's where I go... they service JE & Arias Pistons as well as the aerospace industry:

            Nice build!
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              How's the progress??


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                What kind of HP/torque are you expecting from this beast? I have been mulling around a rebuild in my mind for some time. In the end though, I may just wait until something fails before I spend the money. Decisions!

                Great job thus far brother.
                Alles Beste!

                B. Wheaton
                1989 E30 M3, Owner since June 2000
                2008 E61 535xiT - The DD and work horse


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                  My old motor was right around 220 rwhp so hopefully a little more can be had.

                  I have been extremely busy with work and haven't made much progress. The bottom end is together, just gotta keep at it...


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                    Anything new to report Brian? Let me know the next time your out there, I'd love to come by and lend a hand.
                    1990 M3/1998 M3 Sedan


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                      Cams are in and I just need to get over there and time them correctly and button the rest up. Hopefully soon


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                        VERY NICE m3
                        BMW E21 CARS BMW E30 CARS MK2 GOLF GTI


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                          I'm going to keep track of this build as I'm pretty close to the same setup.
                          Several E30 M3's.

                          More than I need but not as many as I want....


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                            Hey Brian, how are things progressing? Keen to know the outcome of your build..


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                              No updates ??


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                                well you are going to have a heck of an engine when you are all said and done, i had a similar engine fully built by VAC, and ran KMS, 292/284 cams stage 3 head and all that stuff, i pulled from e46 m3s!!!!!

                                youll have a blast... ive moved on to bigger and more HP!, s54 swap......

                                enjoy the S14, i know youll have a screamer!!!! best of luck and best wishes